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Frequently asked questions

Do you make tuning files for every car manufacturer?

ECU Ninjas supplies chiptuning files for almost every car manufacturer. And if we don’t have the vehicle listed on our website, we certainly can find a solution for it. It doesn’t matter if it is a tuningfile for a BMW or an Audi, we find a solution!

Do you offer original files?

Yes, we offer original files which you can purchase on our website. Contact us for more information

Do you offer Damos files?

We also offer Damos files and super map packs, also available on our website. Contact us for more information.

What kind of tuning file options does your file service provide?

We provide almost all types of tuning files. From stage 1 remaps to custom made stage 3 projects. We also offer a lot of extra options such as DPF off, DTC removal, Decat, EGR removal but also DSG tuning in different stages. You can find our wide selection of ECU tuning file options by clicking 'Chipting files' in the header.

What is the average turnaround time?

Our average turnaround time is about 17 minutes but it depends on how busy we are. We have a discount based on the time frame so you can get a discount when the waiting time is longer as usual or you can get a discount if you can wait for it for a longer period. 

What are the prices of the tuning files?

All our chiptuning file prices are listed on our website, you can find them in the prices page. We work with a credit system in which you need to buy credits first to purchase tuning files. You are able to purchase these credits in bulk to get a great discount!

Do I need hardware to program your tuning files?

You need certain hardware to program tuning files in to a car. These so called chiptuning tools are a must have to read and write car data. There are a lot of chiptuning tools available on the market today, each supports different kind of vehicle types and different car brands and car models. We show which tools you need on our website.

Do I need software to program your tuning files?

No, you don’t need any software to program our tuning files, except software that comes with the chiptuning tools you need to program the files in to cars. You can purchase these tools by us.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art support system and we have solutions for almost every problem. We prefer the support menu on our file-service platform. Other options to get in touch with us are Skype, Email and WhatsApp. But the fastest way is our support menu so we have all customer info regarding the problem in one screen. 

Are the files checksum corrected?

All our tuning files will be checksum corrected if customer asks for it.  Most of the times the tuning tool calculates checksum.  If not just ask us and if possible we make it.

What kind of tools do you support?

We support most of the tuning tools available on the market. We also are official dealer of Autotuner, Alientech, CMD Flashtec, Dimsport, HPtuners and Magic Motorsport tuning tools so we have experience with different kind of chiptuning tools. 

What is the difference between Master and Slave?

Tuning tools are available in two different types: Slave and Master. Slave tools only can read and write tuning files. So there isn’t an option to open and adjust tuning files. The slave tool is cheaper. Slave tools are always linked to a Master tool from a tuning software supplier as for example ECU Ninjas.

Master tools are more expensive but offer the option to adjust files so that is the choice for experts who have the knowledge to adjust the motor management software.

How can I buy tuning files?

1. Create your account for free
You have to be registered to start uploading and receiving tuning files.

2. Buy credits safely using different kind of pay methods
Safely buy credits with your account using PayPal, iDeal and more.

3. Fill in all the required information
    Fill in all the vehicle information and all the tuning information and fill in the options you want.

4. Upload your files for tuning
You can upload your files for tuning.

5. Fill in the extra information
  Fill in extra information about waiting time, car is on dyno yes or no and write down extra information if it is necessary.

6. Wait until we are ready with the tuning file
     You get an automatic generated mail when the tuning file is ready to download. There is an ability to open a support ticket on a file when adjustments are necessary or help is needed.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact us via info@x-performance.be

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